冰箱 Ice Box 应用在线文档

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Device Owner (Non Root) Mode Setup

This is a setup of how to use Ice Box app in device owner (DPC) mode without root permission.

If your device already rooted, there is no need to use device owner mode. Just use the root mode.

What is device owner?

Device owner (DPC) is a part of Android enterprise functions which provides the ability to freeze and unfreeze any apps without root.

One device can only have one device owner. Please do not enable the “device admin” permission on phone directly, it will not work.

To enable the device owner permission on your device, follow the instruction:

  1. Make sure your phone running Android 5.0+ and you know how to use ADB command line clearly.
  2. Go to “Settings - Accounts”, remove ALL ACCOUNTS including your Google account.
  3. If multi-user or guest mode has been set on your device, also need to be closed or deleted
  4. Run “adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.catchingnow.icebox/.receiver.DPMReceiver “ on your computer.
  5. Reboot then you can add your accounts and guest mode back.